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Our Mission

The Cognitive Science study programs at Osnabrück University have attracted thousands of people with diverse aims, interests, and backgrounds for over 20 years. We want to keep up and extend the unique Osnabrück CogSci spirit and connect the past, the present, and the future:

  • We provide a communication and networking platform for alumni and current students, faculty, and staff
  • We support and host alumni and student events 
  • We support students in their early academic careers by granting subsidies for visiting conferences and other academic events
  • We support student initiatives and innovative ideas in the field of Cognitive Science

Our Network

The CogSci network is open to everyone willing to support our mission. We need members to be an active part of our community, engage in our aims, and provide the necessary financial support.

We have a tiered membership fee model:

Personal membership

Personal membership

- Reduced fee: 21€ per year
- Regular fee: 42€ per year
- Senior member fee: 84€ per year
Company membership

Company membership

- “Silver “membership: 500€ per year
- “Gold “membership: 2.000€ per year

The membership plans only differ in their fees, and everyone is free to choose the fee that seems most appropriate. (No proofs of any kind are required.) It is also possible to voluntarily pay a higher membership fee.

One-time donations are also welcome. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Become a member now!

Our History

The CogSci Network e.V. was established as “Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Instituts für Semantische Informationsverarbeitung “in 1996 and renamed to “Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Instituts für Kognitionswissenschaft “in 2002 (“Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Institute of Cognitive Science “). Since then, the number of active students has grown from 50 to 1,000, the number of faculty from 5 to more than 100, and the number of alumni from only a handful to several thousand. Originally founded to support the young and growing institute, the association became increasingly focussed on helping students.
To reflect these changes and to focus more on being an active network for current students and alumni, the association was renewed in 2022. After intensive discussions, more than 100 people became new members of the association and established our new mission and new statutes .